Copula „Silent Soundscapes“

A multisensory Installation and Performance by Cecilia Pez & Marie Akoury

Veranstaltungsflyer von Copula

The Copula Project is a series of ongoing and newly conceived editions that continuously discuss the ancient Egyptian understanding of the temporal dimension and analyse different aspects of it.

Time is a dimension that seems natural to all of us, yet so complex. The familiar order of the triad of time, represented by feeling past, present and future, seems universally valid. But in ancient Egypt there was a far different conception of temporal order, divided into a two-dimensional understanding of completed and unfinished processes, Neheh and Djet.

Against this backdrop, the multisensory installation Copula offers an examination of the ancient Egyptian understanding of time and invites one to experience an abstraction of this temporal perspective.

The edition Copula „Silent Soundscapes“ examines the interference of silence and sound. This field of tension is artistically discussed through an installation and performance with the means of instrumental sound objects, singing and movement. The performance is juxtaposed with the woven sculpture and staged as an overall experience.


March, 17 • 20:00-23:00
March, 18 • 16:00-18:00
March, 18 • 20:00-23:00


March, 17 • 20:30-21:00
March, 18 • 16:30-21:00
March, 18 • 20:30-21:00


Kleiner Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg
10405 Berlin
Entrance Diedenhofer Str.

Suggested donation: 10,00 Euro